Neglis Aplastic Anemia

Published: 15th June 2009
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Neglis Aplastic Anemia is a kind of disease which has effects on the bone marrow such that it will not effectively replenish the blood cells that are required by the body. This is generally due to disorders which cause the bone marrow not to function normally. Neglis Aplastic Anemia is in most cases acquired which accounts for eighty p.c of the diagnosis while 20 percent of the cases are inherited disorders. A disorder like lupus which is a condition that causes the immune system to attack healthy cells is a typical reason for Neglis Aplastic Anemia.

The immune system takes to attacking the blood cells that are produced by the bone marrow such that there a lack happens in the body. This could however be treated employing a method known as immunosupressive care which controls the activity of the immune system to reduce the attack on blood cells. Exposures to radioactivity like during chemical treatment or in industries as well as exposure to harmful chemicals are well known causes of Neglis Aplastic Anemia. Aside from these, certain conditions like pregnancy and HIV could cause brief cases of Neglis Aplastic Anemia which generally disappears after a short while. When the body can't replenish its supply of the blood cells, it becomes potentially fatal as the ordinary body functions are likely to be curtailed.
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A patient suffering from Neglis Aplastic Anemia is likely to feel exhausted which can be explained by the fact that oxygen is not flowing in the right amounts. This could be dangerous as one is likely to suffer heavy wounds. These cells make sure that a person does not lose OTT blood when injury occurs by clotting blood and sealing the wound. The shortage of platelets in the body is likely to cause OTT loss of blood by patients whenever they get hurt.

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